The Mighty Ahoms

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    good try but be vedic always

    naveen tuli

    nice send me next details…


    Good to see this verse from Atharva Veda. Prof. Dr. K. S. Narayanacharya – an eminent scholar, a great teacher and a great human being – has proposed this verse to be our national anthem. But, unfortunately, a few our our so-called founding fathers or our country from Congress did not have enough vedic knowledge or reverence to them. So, we are stuck with a song written to welcome our colonial master.


      i am with you friend India has been hurt by our own people more than the invaders who tried to subjugate us “always worry about the enemy within he is known to us ,he hides in plain sight” this is what has hurt our country more than anything else


    Muslim can’t beat assamese

      Dharm Yodhya

      Muslims are already beating the Assamese in the state of Assam. 40% of Assam is Muslim today. Assamese or any language which has an affiliation to Sanskrit is a Hindu language, but the Muslims have adopted all these languages and are converting people to their religion. They are infiltrating the state heavily and in the next 10 years they will be more than 50% in Assam. AUDF and other Muslim parties will win elections with absolute Majority. Even all Congress MLAs will be Muslims and soon they will impose taxes on Hindus in Assam. If you do not fight against infiltration and conversion, Assam will soon go in the hands of Muslims and Bangladeshis.

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